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Creative Ways to Get More Instagram Comments in 2021

It will be most certainly a lie if you say that you use Instagram but do not spend at least 15 minutes a day scrolling through the app randomly. More or less we all are guilty of it. But there is anything that can be done. Instagram, indeed, is an extremely engaging platform. It keeps on garnering more and more users with every passing moment.

The platform has been successfully able to garner more than 1 billion active users. However, with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm it’s not only important to gain followers, but also try to gradually grow engagement to stay in the game. And, what else can be a better way to grow engagement other than getting to people comment on your posts right?

As more and more people start to like and comment on your posts, your engagement will start raking, resulting in more visibility and pouring in of more followers, and in case of brands, you might just find your next consumer in the platform itself.

So, let’s take a look at all the crazy hacks that will help you garner more comments on your posts.

Hack no. 1

Use hashtags that compliment your niche

While it is very important to use hashtags on your posts to increase the chances of your posts and profile getting discovered, it is all the more important to use the right hashtags. Often people tend to put random hashtags that result in no fruitful exchange. Therefore, remember to use hashtags that are relevant to your niche and, of course, your product. It helps you in building a community of like-minded people, and thus to garner more comments. Also, try to narrow down your search hashtags as much as possible. For this, you can use your specific location. It will make your post more visible. While you should use two or three hashtags with enormous usage, most of it should be narrowed down to fit your content the best.

Hack no. 2

Stories are always a great way

Be it real life or virtual world, we all like to hear stories, and in the case of Instagram, we all like to look at those stories. An Instagram story comes with a lot of cool native features, using which you can edit your pictures and videos to make them more attractive. You can even self-promote your posts through Instagram stories and make people actually visit your profile, engage with your content, and leave a thoughtful comment. This is a complete organic mean to increase the engagement of your profile, get some cool comments on your new post and perhaps a couple of new followers too!

Hack no. 3

Not only hashtags but make good use of tags too

Often skipped yet this is the easiest way to grab your audience’s attention. Tag your friends, brands and pages that are similar to your niche. Whenever you tag someone on our Instagram posts, they receive a notification. It is really a helpful method to grab their attention in no time. You can also use location tags; it will increase the visibility of your post.

Hack no. 4

Engage with your followers

You know how they say that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. Apply that rule to market yourself on the Instagram platform as well, and get some comments on your posts. Go and leave a thoughtful comment on your follower’s posts. This will not only make them aware of your presence and content but by inherent human instincts, they will revert back.

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